Summer Physio Conditioning

WIN our SUMMER Physio Conditioning Program WINNER ANNOUNCED JULY 24TH Physical Therapy Prehab to get you stronger than ever! Don’t just play sports this summer, excel with our summer conditioning program. We like to think we are strong and in shape. Then, someone says ‘touch your toes’ and our ego is shattered and reality pulls…

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GOLF SWING AND 5 Golf Injuries You Can Avoid

5 Golf Injuries You Can Avoid

5 Golf Injuries You Can Avoid

Read our list of 5 Golf Injuries you can avoid and play your best game this season.

Did you know:
– among amateurs, golf injuries affect 41% of players
– up to 90% of professional golfers suffer from golf related injuries

So here are the top 5 golf injuries to keep an eye on (and get physical therapy to avoid!)

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open house in our physiotherapy clinic in Etobicoke Toronto June 2024 free demos with our physiotherapy team Injury screens and physical therapy tests

Physio Open House

Jun 3 – Jun 7
Stop the injuries. Come learn how.⁠
Come visit Our Open House June 3rd to June 7th from 5pm to 7pm each day. ⁠
Book a free testing with our in-house physiotherapist. ⁠
Text us to reserve your spot 647-951-7252

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unlock your bodys potentional you need physiotherapy to train better and be pain free with OPR

Do you need physiotherapy in 2024?

You get to the gym and notice a sign for physiotherapy. Do you need physiotherapy? As the year comes to a close, we sit down with our lead physiotherapist and ask him: What is modern physiotherapy and who needs it in 2024? Physiotherapy has come a long way over the last few decades. In particular,…

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ball for playing the sport with raquet is pickleball right for you

Is Pickleball right for you?

Is Pickleball Right for You? One Sentence: Pickleball is a ball and paddle game played on a badminton sized court, with square paddles and a perforated ball, where opponents hit the ball across court over a net that is slightly lower than a tennis net. (ok that was a long sentence, but we made it…

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Causes of Back Pain

Do you have a bad back or just back pain? What’s the difference? What is the cause of your back pain? Is there a difference in types of back pain? Read on and see. Maybe there is a tip or two that you can add to your pain relief toolbox! A bad back may be…

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Inflammation and Injury

Need to get back in the game quickly? Stop beating yourself up and work with your body to recover faster this time! Injuries slow us down. Inflammation brings more pain. Why does inflammation happen? Inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury. Whether you’re an athlete in training or a parent running around with…

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Random acts of kindness: for your health

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Health in our body and our mind begins with intention and a focus on a goal. Today, focus on 5 random acts of kindness for yourself and others. Our top 5 tips on Random Acts of Kindness today (and everyday!) If you have a therapist or physio…

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