Random acts of kindness: for your health

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Health in our body and our mind begins with intention and a focus on a goal.
Today, focus on 5 random acts of kindness for yourself and others.

Our top 5 tips on Random Acts of Kindness today (and everyday!)

  1. Thank your feet for taking you all the awesome places you go everyday – we mean really. Really take time to thank your feet now. Because, without them you would not get very far.
  2. Hug your friend, your pet, your kids, your loved ones or even yourself. A longer hug, offered with strength and commitment, that lasts at least 20 seconds starts a release in OXYTOCIN and helps reduce stress levels and cortisol. We often forget how valuable the healing power of touch is. The easiest random acts of kindness (HUGS!) in our family circle can BE the most healing.
    • Forbes magazine details the 3 key components of a top performance hug here.
  3. Smile a 5 people in the gym, during your next workout. Ok, keep it light and friendly and chances are your mood improves and you may also help someone new feel more welcome in the gym. Not convinced, read the summary findings of this META Analysis in Science Daily here.
  4. Send a thank you note to your favourite clients or to your favourite therapist. We assume that people know how much we appreciate them. Often, the words of appreciation are playing in our head and don’t make it out to the conversation.
  5. Write down 3 things you have accomplished in the last year. Read them aloud at least 3 times. Take time to honour, review and appreciate the ways you have grown in body and mind.

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