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Do you need physiotherapy in 2024?

You get to the gym and notice a sign for physiotherapy. Do you need physiotherapy? As the year comes to a close, we sit down with our lead physiotherapist and ask him: What is modern physiotherapy and who needs it in 2024? Physiotherapy has come a long way over the last few decades. In particular,…

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Causes of Back Pain

Do you have a bad back or just back pain? What’s the difference? What is the cause of your back pain? Is there a difference in types of back pain? Read on and see. Maybe there is a tip or two that you can add to your pain relief toolbox! A bad back may be…

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Inflammation and Injury

Need to get back in the game quickly? Stop beating yourself up and work with your body to recover faster this time! Injuries slow us down. Inflammation brings more pain. Why does inflammation happen? Inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury. Whether you’re an athlete in training or a parent running around with…

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